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What is a Rooftop Deck?

A rooftop deck is an outdoor space located on the roof of a large building. Most buildings have access to the roof and it has become increasingly common that the property owner remodels it into usable space, perhaps by adding lights, plants, seating and other decor. Some rooftop decks even have a pool!

Do you share your rooftop deck with other tenants?

rooftop deck

Access to a rooftop deck, if there is one, is almost always limited to the tenants that rent in a particular building. Some apartments, especially luxury apartments, may have private access to rooftop outdoor spaces, but most rooftop decks are communal.

Pros and cons of renting in a building with a rooftop deck

A rooftop deck seems like an awesome amenity to be included with your apartment. Let’s take a look at some of both the pros and cons of renting a building with a rooftop deck.

Pros of renting in a building with a rooftop deck

  • Space for entertaining
  • Adds luxury to your rental

Cons of renting in a building with a rooftop deck

  • May be noisy
  • Not always private

What does a rooftop deck look like?

Rooftop decks are usually located on the flat surface at the very top of the building. However, some rooftop decks may be located on one of the higher floors and surrounded on two or more sides by the top floors of the building.

Rooftop decks are usually decorated very poshly with many comfortable amenities — perfect for watching the sunset as shown in the photo above.

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